Who’s Who


Stroud Township Elected Officials

Jennifer Shukaitis- Chairman/ Assistant Secretary

Edward Cramer- Vice Chairman/ Assistant Treasurer

Susan Lyons - Assistant Secretary

Stroud Township Manager

Daryl A. Eppley


Stroud Township Tax Collector
Wendy Bogart Shiffer
(office hours at 1212 Christopher St. (rear), mailing address:

P.O. Box 128, Stroudsburg, PA 18360-0128)


Stroud Township Auditors
Dr. Frank Herting – Chairman
Dr. Clarence Murphy - Secretary 

Lucas DeBartolo


Stroud Township Magistrate
Paul Gasper


Stroud Township Constable
Rich Connell


Stroud Township Appointed Boards, Commissions, Representatives, Employees and other Appointees


Open Records Officer
Daryl Eppley – Open Records Officer

Sharon Grover - Township Clerk/Assistant Open-Records Officer


Stroud Township Board of Supervisors Representatives
Todd Weitzmann, Esq. –  Township Solicitor

Cramer, Swetz, McManus, and Jordan, P.C.  - Township Alternate Solicitor
Reilly Associates, Christopher P. McDermott, P. E. – Township Primary Engineer
RKR Hess Associates – Township Alternate Engineer
Reilly Associates, Joseph S. Durkin, P.E. – Sewer Authority and Traffic Engineer


Zoning Office and Planning Office
Manter Inspection Company–  Zoning/Codes Officer
Dave Manter –Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer

H.M. Beers, Inc. – Sewage Enforcement Officer


Building Codes Office (subcontractors to implement PA Uniform Construction Codes)
Manter Inspection Company– Building Codes Inspector


Stroud Township Office Personnel
Pamela Hafler – Township Bookkeeper
Janice Willey– Township Receptionist/Secretary
Sharon Grover – Township Clerk & Assistant Open-Records Officer
Mary Lou Ryder – Part-Time Custodian


Stroud Township Sewer Authority Office Personnel
Brenda Klein – Office Manager
Sharon Grover – Part Time Office Clerk


Stroud Township Road and Public Works Crew
Douglas Walker – Public Works Superintendent

Joshua Cramer – Foreman/Heavy Equipment Operator
Terry Decker – Laborer
Craig Coslar- Mechanic

Dalton Cramer– Laborer/ Equipment Operator
John Harvey - Laborer/Equipment Operator

David VanWhy- Heavy Equipment Operator

Jeff Zimmerman - Laborer/Mechanic

Nelson Estepan-  Laborer/Equipment Operator

Raymond Bartek, Laborer

Dean Vliet, Laborer/Equipment Operator

Brandon Burchartz, Laborer


Stroud Township Fire Department
William Unruh – Fire Chief


Stroud Township Emergency Management Control
Marv Walton– Emergency Management Coordinator

Tyler Corbett- Deputy, Emergency Management Coordinator


Suburban EMS


Glen Brook Golf Club
Dustin McCormick – Golf Pro – Independent Contractor McCormick Golf Enterprises, Inc.
Jeffrey Feick – Maintenance Superintendent
Jeffrey Zimmerman – Golf Course Mechanic


Stroud Township Sewer Authority 
John DeCusatis – Chairman
Donald Heller – Vice Chairman
W. Richard Taitt – Secretary
Helen Beers – Treasurer
Robert Kelly – Assistant Secretary

Richard Lord

Ronald Kimes

Brenda Klein – Sewer Authority Office Manager
H. Clark Connor, Esq. – Primary Sewer Authority Solicitor
Cramer, Swetz, McManus, and Jordan, P.C.  – Alternate Solicitor
Reilly Associates, Joseph S. Durkin – Sewer Authority Engineer
Sharon Grover – Office Clerk


Stroud Township Volunteer Litter Control
Richard Banks

Stroud Township Zoning Hearing Board

Brian Coyne– Chairman
TIm Malefyt–  Vice Chairman

Ken Pickett- Member

Thomas Staskowski- Alternate Member

Patrick Best, Alternate Member

Joseph McDonald, Jr., Esq. – Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor
Jeffrey Durney, Esq. – Alternate Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor
Sharon Grover – Recording Secretary


.Stroud Township Planning Commission
Taylor Wenck – Chairman
Joseph Holbert – Vice Chairman
John Christy – Member 
Luna Mishoe – Member
George Vlamis – Member

Patrick Briegel- Secretary

Troy Nauman- Member

Cramer, Swetz, McManus, and Jordan, P.C. – William B. Cramer – Primary Planning Commission Solicitor
Todd Weitzmann, Esq. – Planning Commission Alternate Solicitor
Reilly Associates, Christopher McDermott, P.E. – Planning Commission Engineer


Environmental Advisory Council 
Joseph Holbert – Chairman
Daryl Eppley
Sharon Wary

Michael Stettler


Stroud Area Regional Police Commission 
Daryl Eppley
Rick Staples

Christine Wilkins

Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission (Township representatives)

Jennifer Shukaitis

James Martin

Joel Getz


Agricultural Security Area Advisory Comittee
Edward Cramer
Daryl Eppley
Zandee Wicks
Daniel Turner

Vacancy Board
Hester Deetz


Uniform Construction Code Appeals Board
Daniel Henning
Robert Masten, Jr.
Nate Oiler

School District Liason

Patricia DiCandia



 -Stroud Township Board of Supervisors Public Meetings are the first and thirds

  Tuesday of each month, 7:00p.m unless it falls on a holiday

-Stroud Township Sewer Authority 
 Meetings are fourth Monday each month, 7:00 p.m.


-Stroud Township Zoning Hearing Board
 Meetings are first Weds. each month, 6:30 p.m.


-Stroud Township Planning Commission
 Meetings are the last Weds. each month at 7 p.m.


-Environmental Advisory Council
 Second Tuesday each month at 7 p.m.

-Stroud Area Regional Police Commission (Township representatives)

 Meets 2nd Weds. each month at 7 p.m.