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Stroud Township Supervisors adopted the PA Uniform Construction Code effective May 1, 2004. These codes require inspections, for foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical and energy efficiency. A state certified Building Inspection company, Manter Inspection Company has been subcontracted to do these inspections. These codes and required inspections are in addition to the township’s existing zoning ordinance related applications and inspections.


The Building Codes Permit Applications for contractors, homeowners, engineers, architects and municipalities are available on-line at www.manterinspection.comPermit Forms Section and at the Stroud Township office.


The Building Codes office hours are 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday;   Please call with your questions 570-421-3362 or stop in at those times. Please note that Zoning permits are also required for most projects.


Manter Inspection Company
A guide to residential permit applications and the inspection process here:

The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code does not apply to the following structures unless modified by your municipality (Zoning is required): New building or renovations to existing buildings which applied for a permit or were under contract prior to April 9, 2004.


The following structures if the structure has a building area of less than 1,000 square feet and is an accessory to a detached single family dwelling:

•  Carports
•  Detached private garages
•  Sheds


A Building permit is not required for the following items as long as the work does not violate a law or ordinance:


•  Uncovered decks not more than 30” above finished grade

   Residential Roof (Shingle Replacement)

•  Fences that are not over 6’ high
•  Retaining walls not over 4’ high
•  Sidewalks or driveways not over 30” above grade
•  Prefab swimming pools less than 24 “ deep
•  Window/Door replacement without any structural change
•  Portable appliances
•  Replacement of existing vinyl or aluminum siding
•  Replacement of kitchen appliances
•  Replacement of toilets or sinks
•  Replacement of a switch, receptacle or light fixture rated 20 amps &120 volts or less except GFCI protected devices

Building Codes

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